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"Gracia admits we have a problem in front of goal" !?

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"Gracia admits we have a problem in front of goal" !?

Postby dorsetway » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:15 pm

Oh so Gracia has now come out and said it - we just can't score !
We have all been moaning about our defence for most of the season, but after the last game it is clear that the team don't really "believe" anymore ! They don't believe they can score so they don't push forward as a team. They also "expect" to come under huge pressure for the last 5 minutes and we see the outcome of that lately. OK so our defence is very average, but ever since the Chelsea game we have absolutely no end product. Our best attacks are counters but that has stopped working, and when we try and get into the oppo box we are not able to make clear chances.
Gracia himself decided to continue with this gutless loan-striker idea, and with Deeney alone we might as well play with 10 men ? If we can't score then we WILL keep losing in this league !

I think we are a terribly unbalanced side.... Doucoure is NOT a defensive midfielder, we lack a proper battling CM who plays through the middle, we play with a very slow lone striker, we play 3 number 10s behind him and they are not really sure if they are meant to be attackers, wingers, or hang back just in case we get countered, we have very little threat down the wings ... the list goes on, and Gracia already has his own little click of favourites and shoehorns them into an 11 (now when have we seen that before ?) It's one thing losing AGAIN in the last minute, but to play like an average C/Ship team week after week is just too much, let the players off the leash for the remaining games and let's have a go !
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Re: "Gracia admits we have a problem in front of goal" !?

Postby WFC4ever » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:44 pm

Deeney isn't up to the pace and even physical challenge now it seems (although I guess he will say has scored our last 2 winning goals..)

Not even good in a defensive situation in terms of set plays.

Okaka can hold the ball up and cause a problem or two but clearly isn't liked by officials as any time he makes a tackle gets pulled up for a foul so its almost a waste of time bringing him on.

Gray has hardly had a sniff and was it him who gave the ball away up front when Huddersfield scored? Doubt he will be here next season.

Probably need to buy 2/3 strikers as nor will Okaka I suspect and even Troy himself might move on.

Apart from Hughes no-one can really create in midfield with Doucouré being out of form whilst Pereyra is your typical winger - in and out of games like a yo yo.

Kiko can get forward but only seems to last 70 minutes and the replacements aren't good enough.
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